- 1. Half Day Workshop on Stress Management (10 am to 1 pm).
- 2. One Hour Workshop on Stress Management.

Stress Counselling for patients suffering from:

  • Relationship Stress

  • Job Stress

  • Financial Stress

  • Type A Personality

  • Low Self Esteem

  • Worry and Anxiety


The focus of the workshop is to deliver knowledge and information from which the participants will benefit personally and professionally. Special care is taken to not keep any activity more than 30 minutes. This ensures that the interest and enthusiasm of the participant remains high. Also, I have introduced five Stress Management Strategies which are new...the participants will enjoy knowing them. I have mentioned them in Activity Three.

The structure of the one day workshop is as follows:

ACTIVITY ONE: Stress Scale Form to be filled up by the is a questionnaire to be filled up which gives an indication of their Stress Levels.

ACTIVITY TWO: Ice-Breaking Game where the participants share their personal and professional goals, hobbies, likes and dislikes.

ACTIVITY THREE: There is a PowerPoint presentation which runs through the entire day which involves the following:

      -Understanding of what really is Stress
      -Different types of Stress
      -Slides on Psychology of Stress which is the basis of Stress Management
      -Who has Stress?
      -Where does Stress come from?
      -When do you get Stress?
      -Cause of Stress
      -Role of Stress Hormones Adrenaline and Cortisol
      -Stress on your Body
      -Indirect Stress
      -Stress Symptoms
      -Long term effects of Stress
      -STRESS MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES (Sleep, Exercise, Relaxation, Massage, Meditation,
       Attitude Adjustment, Hydration, Creativity Therapy, Dream Journaling, Friend Therapy and
       Optimism Therapy)

ACTIVITY FOUR: Stretching exercises and Yoga Asanas (postures) along with advantages of each posture

ACTIVITY FIVE: Imagery (an experience where the participant closes his eyes and his concentration is focused on a verbal account of something relaxing, spoken by the instructor)

ACTIVITY SIX: Face Massage and Neck Massage. This follows the slide on Massage

ACTIVITY SEVEN: Meditation with music. This follows the slide on Meditation

ACTIVITY EIGHT: The "Faith Game". It is a yogic game designed to relax the body and mind. Instructions for the same given by the Instructor. This follows the slide on Creativity Therapy

ACTIVITY NINE: Three Optimism Stories...real life stories about how individuals have overcome adversities in life by practicing an Optimistic Attitude. This follows the slide on Optimism Therapy

ACTIVITY TEN: PMR (Progressive Muscle Relaxation). It is a technique in which you contract and relax different parts of the body and feel de-stressed and relaxed

ACTIVITY ELEVEN: Five minutes on Stress Busters which can be practiced to immediately relax yourself

ACTIVITY TWELVE: IF TIME PERMITS, Stress Games designed to distress an individual

ACTIVITY THIRTEEN: Feedback Form to be filled up by the participant to assess the effectiveness of the workshop.





















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