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You Within has been set up as a hub of ‘well being’ with pure intention of providing information, educating people on stress, effective management of stress and thereby promoting good health and wellness. We surely do know a thing or two about trimming down stress.

You Within’
is headed by Mr. Keyur Trivedi, who is based in Mumbai, India. He is a ‘Certified Trainer and Facilitator’ by Carlton Advanced Management Institute, USA and Middle Earth Consultants, Hyderabad, India. He also holds an Associate of Arts Degree in Merchandise Marketing from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), Los Angeles, USA.

He has done a Certificate Course in "Excellence in Public Speaking and Communication Skills" from Indo-American Society, Mumbai.

Apart from being a radiant and a soft spoken person, he is also very passionate about his work and knows how to motivate people in reaching their full potential through his high energy interactive sessions. His guidance is specific and is given, taking into consideration the real-world complexities of life.

You Within’ believes in turning stress into victory. Our only objective is to make our customers understand how to execute under pressure, bring proper balance between personal life and work, build up mental energy levels and achieve excellent health. We want our customers to invest in themselves. After all, you are your greatest investment. It is important to realize that stress in not our enemy; rather it should be taken as our derivation of development. We’ll teach you how to rotate stress from a ‘strenuous power’ to a ‘power of development’.

You Within’ offers custom designed stress management programs and believes in conducting programs in a professional manner, giving a full package including information, strategies, procedures and wit. Our programs are aimed to inspire people to turn into healthy, energized, positive beings and be well prepared to flourish in today’s frantic culture. After all, we would love to see good people and good organizations get even better.

We are here to assist you overcome stress in a variety of situations, whether you are an individual looking for solutions or an organization caring for employees suffering from stress. We have structured information on this website into following components:
  • Stress–Understanding Stress, Causes, Effects and Stress Management Strategies
  • Stress in Men
  • Stress in Women
  • Stress in Children
  • Stress at Work Place
Our life long mission is to assist you handle chaos with loads of confidence and help you love your life. We see ourselves helping our customers achieve incredible results; thereby have more and more happy

customers who can live and enjoy their lives which they really deserve. 

Allow us to build the bridge between ‘knowing you need to live a stable life’ and how you can actually start living one. At the end of the day it’s all about you within.

Come, explore our website and see how we can be of help to you!

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