Counselling Testimonials

  • "Keyur Bhai has helped me resolve my past issues and given me more confidence and overall control of my stressful life. I am more relaxed and less judgmental. Finding time for me; allowing myself to be free were things which he introduced me to without having to feel guilty about it. He actually taught me a way of switching out of my normal stressful environment and relaxing my body and mind. I am more accepting and less harassed.
    I have enjoyed the my sessions with him. I can now accept situations, and deal with problems much better. I am happier, calmer and feel much more positive; it has helped me ‘start again’.
    My depression has diminished. I feel more in control. My health has improved and I feel calmer and more able to cope with the pressures of family life I am more self-confident, accepting and relaxed."

  • "Stress management session was really fruitful. Giving guidance even on yogic asan lent a helping hand. Keyur is having good knowledge about stress management. "

  • "When i came in for the very first session i was not very comfortable but after my first session was completed i was in a very comfortable state of mind which i never thought would happen. He has helped me overcome depression and has always boosted my confidence and has always told me to do what i love. I am so thankful to Dr.Keyur for changing me in ways i never thought was possible. And most importantly for making me a positive person."

  • "I am suffering from Stress problem since 2008 and am also a heart patient. I got in touch with Mr. Keyur Trivedi for the above problems.
    Since last month in 4-5 sittings, he has given me formula for my life problem and given me focus for my life. And after the focus and formula, I have come out of my Stress and am happy with my life. I sleep well without medicine. My physical working capacity has improved and am also driving my car very well."

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