Stress is not what happens to us; rather it's our response to what happens. And response is something we can definitely choose. The intensity of stress in women is predominantly significant today, since over the past few decades, women have earned the right to independence, higher education and career.
Why Women Stress?

Let’s go through some of the stressful situations a woman goes through in her life.

  • Multifaceted Role: Daily, women are seen toiling to balance the many “hats” they wear. We see them stretched thin with tasks and dragged to the limit with the demands of family, home and career.
  • Pressures: Often pressures related to finance, personal relationships, physical appearances - beauty, thinness and youth, in women are stressful since these personalities are mostly out of their control. Besides, women who are childless with / without choice or who are single by choice are subject to enormous social pressures.
  • Menstruation: Menstruation is a stress touchy system in women. Often it is observed that when women are really anxious about something, their menstruation gets affected.
  • Fertility: Much has been said on correlation between fertility and stress. Research do suggests stress is responsible up to 30% of all infertility problems.

  • Pregnancy: Expectant mothers often go through a lot of hormonal fluctuations which can be very stressful. Stress does bring harmful side effects during pregnancy.

  • Baby on board: Looking after a new baby can be quite stressful, especially the first year and if it’s a first time encounter.  Taking care of the new arrival is always ‘on the job’ training because babies don’t come with tutoring booklets. It’s a period women can feel like driving a car without a map.

  • Parenthood: Parenting has its distinctive set of stressors because women are directly responsible for the love, care and growing of yet another human being.

  • Single parenting: Life is pretty stressful for a single parent, who often has to fulfill the role of both the parents on a daily basis.

  • Menopause: This phase can be difficult and very stressful in a woman’s life. Depression and stress are very common indicators in menopause which echo in a variety of ways like general loss of interest, gloomy mood, sleep disorders, loss of concentration, feeling dejected, weight gain and bloating.

  • Demise: Loss of loved ones is a very painful experience and can direct to high levels of stress.
Tackling Stress:
  • Organization: People generally get into the habit of postponing their tasks in hand till the last minute leading to a stressful situation in their life. Organizing and managing daily schedules will surely lower stress levels and help women perform much better than ever.

  • Cut off the surplus: It is generally observed that women have a tendency of obliging most of the requests coming their way and trying to be an “all pleaser” person. It would facilitate immensely if women prioritize their lives and learn to say no often.

  • What’s your self talk?: Every good thought you imagine is adding its share to the ultimate result of your life.  Whereas a negative self talk certainly affects stress level, always remember; if you cannot change the very fabric of your thoughts you’ll never be able to change reality.

  • Pamper yourself: Interestingly women who have been care takers all their lives conveniently disregard themselves. But the fact is, only when you are happy and relaxed; you’ll be in a position to take care of others. So give yourself a chance to revitalize your spirits and see the difference.

  • Exercise: Experts agree that exercising and getting active has enormous stress management benefits since it relaxes both mind and body.

  • Eating Healthy: Research has shown that poor dietary habits can aggravate stress and anxiety levels. A balanced diet is vital in safeguarding health and reducing stress.

  • Sleeping beauty: Good sleep is a blessing. Sleep is directly related to a healthy life. Having a good night sleep increases your motivational level, reduces possibilities of making mistakes by increasing concentration levels and improves your immune system.
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